Decorations play an important role within Hotel Story. Not only does it have aesthetic value and makes the game fun but it increases the all important appeal of a facility and your hotel.

Decorations 3
In general, the more expensive the decoration, the higher the appeal value. However, this isn't the case when it comes to the Balloon Ring and Carpet. The appeal value may be found on the lower left hand corner of the decoration.

When placed directly next to a facility, the appeal of that facility increases. For maximum effectiveness, buildings should be placed at a 90 degree angle from the decoration. When it's place at a 45 degree angle, i.e. on the brown squares, the building only gets 50% of the appeal value.

Decorations 1
In this example, Small Flowers (7) has an appeal of 25. Panda Nursery B will get the full 25 appeal points whereas Panda Nursery A gets 12 points. The total appeal value of the decorations per facility is marked in blue.

Decorations 2

When multiple decorations are used, the buildings will get the collective appeal value of that decoration. In this case, both Panda Nurseries will get the full 25 points and 12 points, bringing the total appeal value to 81.

Decorations 8
The most effective use of a decoration, especially an expensive one is to put it in the middle of facilities. This way, the appeal is effective on all the facilities.

Decorations 9

The appeal value of a decoration does NOT affect the appeal value of other decorations. The Stone Statue on the right has an appeal value of 38 but it will not increase the appeal value of the stone path or wooden floor.