Massage Chair is one of facilities which available on Level 1.

Description Edit

Massage Chair provide the comfortable massage experience, there is only one massage chair so only a group of tourist can use it every time, also you can see two trees behind the chair as the decoration.


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time Sell
Level 1 Coin2 Appeal2 Coin600 Coin120 Time15m Coin120
Level 2 +2 +1 Coin1,200 Coin160 Time30m Coin240
Level 3 +2 +1 Coin2,400 Coin210 Time1h Coin480
Level 4 +3 +1 Coin4,800 Coin275 Time2h Coin960
Level 5 +3 +1 Coin9,600 Coin360 Time4h Coin1,920
Level 6 +4 +1 Coin19,200 Coin470 Time7h Coin3,840
Level 7 +4 +1 Coin38,400 Coin615 Time11h Coin
Level 8 +5 +1 Coin96,800 Coin800 Time15h Coin
Level 9 +5 +1 Coin193,600 Coin1,040 Time19h Coin
Level 10 +6 +1 Coin387,200 Coin1,355 Time23h Coin


  • Besides Magazine item which is mentioned in the infobox, other items like Pillow,Soft Drink, Milk  items have some effect on Massage Chair, but less than Magazine.