Park Bench is one of the facilities which unlocked on Level 3.

Description Edit

Park Bench let tourists can rest for a while comfortably, they will sit on the bench in the bottom right corner, there is the large autumn tree next to the bench, and some maple leaves, rocks and a stone decoration around the ground.


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time Sell
Level 1 Coin Appeal5 Coin1,200 Coin170 Time45m Coin240
Level 2 +2 +1 Coin2,400 Coin225 Time1h Coin480
Level 3 +2 +1 Coin4,800 Coin295 Time1h 15m Coin960
Level 4 +3 +1 Coin9,600 Coin385 Time1h 45m Coin1,920
Level 5 +3 +1 Coin19,200 Coin505 Time Coin3840
Level 6 +4 +1 Coin38,400 Coin660 Time4h 45m Coin7,680
Level 7 +4 +1 Coin76,800 Coin860 Time Coin
Level 8 +5 +1 Coin153,600 Coin1,120 Time11h 45m Coin
Level 9 +5 +1 Coin307,200 Coin1,460 Time Coin
Level 10 +6 +1 Coin614,400 Coin1,900 Time Coin